the Best Uses of the VPS for newbie

A virtual private server is an incredible resource for anyone out there that uses the internet. Here is the best 6 use.

Getting physical servers for your business is not only costly to buy, but you have to run and maintain them too. A real alternative that many small and medium businesses – and even some of the bigger corporations are turning to – is VPS hosting. Here are six really useful things you can do with your VPS.

1. Web Hosting

Let’s face it, shared web hosting is so cheap the cost is almost negligible. With the very low price, however, you get real limits on what scale of website is possible without hitting resource limits which are often quite strict on shared hosting platforms. Using a VPS for web hosting is the next step up from this, and on your way to dedicated hosting, but at a fraction of the price.

Hosting your website on a VPS means quicker load times, far more value for money when it comes to web resources, and the ability for your website to service way more people at once than any shared hosting space would be able to cater for.

2.Create Your Own VPN Server

VPNs are great and their uses are well documented. They can be quite expensive, however, if all you’re looking for is something you can use for additional security on public Wi-Fi, or to mask your own IP address. You might even use it to get around geolocation fences and access content that you wouldn’t normally be able to in your own country.

​Software Development

There are so many reasons why a VPS is a perfect software development environment, not least of all because you can customize your development environment to exactly your specifications. You can quickly and easily deploy tools too, like IDEs and libraries for different frameworks. Sharing the space is made easier by a VPS too because your whole team can access resources on a VPS.

Once your software is ready to move to production, you can fully test it in a live environment on a VPS too.

​​Data Backup

It might not be the most common use for a VPS, but you can use any free space on an existing VPS for data backup. The ability to employ the use of shell scripts or dedicated data backup applications that you can configure yourself might also make a VPS a more attractive offering than a cloud backup service.

Hosting a Game Server

Gamers know the importance of a lag-free low ping game server and a VPS can offer them just this, configured to exactly the specifications needed for their specific game. Game servers don’t often need a lot of resources, and hosting your own server for games like Counterstrike, Minecraft and many others is made possible by a VPS.

Just About Anything You Can Do on a Hardware Server

We couldn’t possibly list everything you can do with a VPS in one short article, so we’ll say this instead – almost anything you can do on a dedicated hardware server, you can do on a VPS, and in some cases, a VPS has some real advantages too, like scalability and how easy it is to configure.

So, there we have it, our top six uses for a VPS. It might take some time to get to grips with managing a VPS but once you have, you’ll never look back. Hosting your own services is not only rewarding; it’s financially beneficial too.The best VPS hosting providers.

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