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When your website traffic starts to grow rapidly and perhaps the hardware configuration of a regular shared server can no longer carry the number of customers visiting your site, then you can move to a VPS plan, which offers better performance and access to more control and security options, VPS is one of the best ways to start a web project today.

Unlike dedicated servers, VPS allows you to adjust factors such as storage space, memory and network bandwidth to your specific needs. You won’t need to pay much for a web server during the start-up phase of your business. there are other benefits of VPS that are too numerous to list here.

Below is a list of the best VPS hosting companies that offer free trial services. We will highlight the benefits of each host, as well as give you any available coupon codes for their VPS plans.

1. Hostgator VPS Hosting

Hostgator Has Many Different Levels of VPS Hosting

Free Trial Details:

  • Trial Period Length: 45 days
  • Type of OS: CentOS Linux
  • Starter VPS plan: $19.95/month
  • RAM in Starter Plan: 384 MB

Hostgator’s VPS plans have a slider where you can choose the right level of RAM, CPU and support for your VPS. While the cheapest VPS plan is only $19.95/month, you only get cPanel (an interface that allows you to easily control your VPS) at level 3 for the normal price of $49.95. This is still a great deal for a VPS plan that comes with 768MB of RAM and 500GB of bandwidth.

The 45-day money-back guarantee applies to new customers only. The guarantee also does not cover domain name registration, so if you quit the web hosting plan within 45 days, you will be charged $14.95 for a year of domain name registration. However, you do get to keep the domain name for one year.

2. Bluehost VPS Hosting

Bluehost’s VPS Hosting is Brand New and State of the Art.

Free Trial Details:

  • Trial Period Length: 30 days
  • Type of OS: CentOS Linux
  • Starter VPS plan: $29.99/month
  • RAM in Starter Plan: 2 GB

Bluehost only started offering VPS plans in the spring of 2013. bluehost has a great reputation for being an approachable, friendly company that is great to do business with. The new state-of-the-art VPS network they have built has been getting rave reviews. bluehost’s VPS network has been built with cloud technology to ensure more stability throughout the network. It also has an enhanced cPanel with extra features you won’t find anywhere else. the best part of Bluehost’s VPS plan is the memory: the 2GB in the starter plan is the largest I’ve ever seen.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is only available to new customers. All new Bluehost plans come with a free domain name, but if you choose to cancel your hosting plan, you will be charged $14.99 for the domain name.

3. GoDaddy VPS Hosting

GoDaddy offers both Linux and Windows VPS hosting packages.

Free Trial Details:

  • Trial Period Length: 45 days
  • Type of OS: CentOS 6 Linux, Windows 2012
  • Starter VPS plan: $29.99 /month
  • RAM in Starter Plan: 1 TB

GoDaddy’s starter plans start at $29.99 per month (you can get 30% off on our Godaddy vps coupon page), which is more expensive than most starter plans. However, with this plan you can get up to 1 megabyte of bandwidth, which is a huge amount of data that you can’t possibly come close to when you’re just starting out. vps hosting plans go all the way up to $139.99/month, giving you a bandwidth limit of 8 megabytes. Unless you’re the next YouTube, you won’t need that much.

The beauty of GoDaddy is the convenience and versatility of its VPS hosting. All of these plans are managed, which means that the server maintenance and updates are done by them. There is absolutely no need to worry about this. They also have two types of Windows operating systems to choose from, if that works better for your company. You can also upgrade (or downgrade) your plan without having to reconfigure it. So if your site takes off and it’s time to upgrade, there’s no need to worry about site downtime while you migrate to a new server.

GoDaddy’s money back guarantee is valid for 45 days for annual products, but only 15 days for monthly products. So, be aware of this before you order.

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