Start a blog toturial in 2 big step quickly

The entire process of setting up and preparing your blog takes about 20 minutes. After that, your blog can go online,then start writing for your network marketing!

Before you start blogging, you need to do two things:

1. Select a domain name

The domain name of blog is similar to of search engine. You can enter the domain name in an Internet browser anywhere in the world to guide users to your site.

A good domain name and blog noun are very important. It’s better to be unique and descriptive, so your readers will know what your blog is about immediately.

Another option is to use your own name. Some people like to use it to create their own unique brand identity. You can also add your middle name or initials if you find that your name already has someone.
Many top bloggers use their own names as their domain names. Another benefit of doing so is to protect your “virtual property” by preventing others from registering your name.

Once you have a blog name, you need to choose a domain extension.

.COM is the first choice, of course net and. It’s also possible to use. Org. It’s not recommended to use other uncommon suffixes, because most people are not familiar with these extensions.

You may find that the domain you want has been registered. You can try the simple word like “the”, “a” or “my” at the beginning of a name, or you can try a dash between words, etc.

2. Select a web host

The hosting service provider is a company that stores all the files of a blog. When a user types your domain name, it will send these files to the user. You must have a web host to have a blog.

Choosing a bad host will have a bad impact on your blog. Users get frustrated with slow page load times, and you may often find that your blog doesn’t work at all.

There are hundreds of different web hosts in the world for you to choose from, but my advice for your blog is SiteGround. Over the years, I’ve loved SiteGround and recommended it to all new blogs because:

They offer free and easy installation of all popular blogging tools, including WordPress (which I recommend and show you how to use in this guide).

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What’s next?

First register your domain name and set up your blog, and start publishing the first article. If you have any questions in the process, you can leave a message for more information!

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