Hostwinds 75% OFF Coupon [Free domain + SSL] – VPS Review in 2021

Main Review

Hostwinds provides 10 additional plans each for managed Windows VPS and unmanaged varieties of both operating systems.

Virtual servers range from 1 CPU core, 1GB of RAM, and 30GB of storage all the way to 16 cores, 96GB of RAM, and 750GB of storage. Customers can pay roughly $5 per month — or more than $250. Around-the-clock monitoring of the company’s network and devices ensure reliability, but Hostwinds promises a five-minute response to incidents and hardware replacements within an hour.

For those wanting even more flexibility and scalability, Hostwinds offers cloud hosting billed by the hour or month. Create an instance, select your operating system and infrastructure, and enjoy the company’s fully managed support. Customers can deploy block or object storage volumes and rely on the company’s strict firewall to protect it all.

Add in the company’s stellar 99.999% uptime guarantee, high-powered solid-state drives, and the guaranteed 1Gbps port, and customers will be hard-pressed to find a more flexible, performant, and affordable VPS or cloud service.”

Managed or unmanaged virtual servers available in Windows or LinuxCloud hosting instances with hourly or monthly billingInstant upgrades without downtimeFREE around-the-clock monitoringAutomatic nightly backups availableGet started on Hostwinds now.

Promising enterprise-grade hosting solutions for prices that appeal to small and medium businesses, Hostwinds delivers the full range of operating systems and server configurations to help customers build and grow an online presence. With hosting plans covering niches like vBulletin and Minecraft, Hostwinds attracts a customer base as mixed as the server configurations.

After frustrating web hosting experiences of his own, CEO Peter Holden set out to prove that providers didn’t need to choose among powerful infrastructure, responsive support, and cost-effective prices. As a 20-year-old, he launched Hostwinds in 2010 to accomplish all three objectives. Now, the fast-growing company offers the full range of services while guaranteeing complete satisfaction.

For the less tech-savvy reseller or those wanting to offer multiple hosting options to clients, Hostwinds makes its full spectrum of services available under your branding. The company streamlines deployment and sets up WHMCS for billing management and payment processing. We already appreciate the company’s high-powered hardware, so we’re naturally supportive of easy-to-configure plans that help customers spread the love.

  • Money Back Guarantee:60 days
  • Disk Space:Unlimited SSD
  • Domain Name:FREE (1 year)

Features (4.8 / 5.0)​

Reliable Security Protects Your Server and Data

  • Advanced configuration processes through the company’s Windshield service start with a systematic security evaluation to identify areas for improvement. A firewall and server hardening system further reduce your vulnerability.
  • Hostwinds offers FREE installation of private SSL certificates. Customers looking to enhance their brand’s credibility and trustworthiness can choose to secure their site with 256-bit encryption for one to three years at a time.
  • The Hostwinds virtual private network eliminates the risks associated with third-party tracking and identity theft. The secure connection is available across multiple devices through an easy-to-use application.

Optimizations Increase Server Performance

  • With Windspeed, the company’s add-on service for boosting your environment’s functionality and efficiency, users can test for CSS, Javascript, and image optimization, along with ways to improve MySQL performance.
  • Hostwinds predominantly uses the ultra-fast LiteSpeed web server, but Apache and NGINX can be used for increased stability and flexibility. Because the company doesn’t overcrowd its servers, customers have more resources to handle traffic spikes and process requests.
  • A variety of solid-state drives power the majority of the Hostwinds infrastructure. The enterprise-grade storage devices are fine-tuned to produce 500% faster page loads than many competitors.

Offering a Wide Variety of Niche Services

  • Hostwinds might be the only company we’ve seen that offers a hosting service directly marketed to Minecraft players. The VPS plans use top-notch SSD drives and processors for a high-end gaming experience.
  • The only CPV Lab-approved hosting provider, Hostwinds optimizes hosting plans for the tracking, testing, and optimization platform geared toward affiliate marketers, merchants, advertisers, and agencies.
  • The company’s impressive and modern hardware also excels with WordPress and vBulletin hosting. Both platforms can be automatically installed with a single click, and site owners can enjoy the same reliability and unlimited computing resources.

Revamped and Responsive Customer Support

  • CEO Peter Holden launched Hostwinds after several aggravating support experiences with other providers. As such, Hostwinds customers can enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 personal support.
  • With stunning levels of security and redundancy built into the Hostwinds network, the company is able to promise a staggering 99.999% uptime guarantee. Such a rate is typically reserved for premium services from luxury hosts.
  • Hostwinds makes website transfers, undoubtedly one of the most annoying parts of moving to a new hosting provider, extraordinarily easy — and FREE. The company guarantees zero downtime as it moves your files and databases in a secure, fast, and efficient process.

Reliability & Support (4.8 / 5.0)

Hostwinds spends as much time perfecting and streamlining customer support as the company does optimizing its hosting hardware. The company’s system engineers are available to customers every moment of every day, and Hostwinds guarantees a quick response: five minutes for email tickets and 30 seconds for live chat and phone calls. Monitoring and backup plans are available to further protect your information, and the company’s 99.999% uptime guarantee is practically impossible to beat.

Hostwinds Includes 24/7/365 Support Through Email Tickets, Live Chat, and Phone With Guaranteed Response Times; 99.999% Uptime Guarantee and Robust Knowledgebase.

Pricing Table

  • Basic Plan $3.29/month 
  • Advanced Plan $4.23/month 
  • Ultimate Plan $5.17/month 

The brand and strength of Hostwinds is refreshing in the competitive VPS market. Think about the excellent infrastructure, functionality, and uptime, we have no qualms about the price of HostWinds’s Shared mainframe price, although most bargainers are looking for the lowest price.

One bright spot is the unmanaged virtual server at Hostwinds. Of course, you’ll have to be responsible for maintaining and updating the server, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find server partitions with similar functionality, and their speed will be more attractive. In this area, Hostwinds gives us the best value for money option.

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We have shared all the latest Hostwinds coupon & promo code and their offers & deals that are still working. Just follow the instructions and save 75% Off on hosting purchase.

Step 1: Select the offers, deals & coupons Which you are interested in

Step 2: Select the hosting packages

Step 3: Create the account on Hostwinds

Step 4: Review the order and add the payment methods

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Our Conclusion

Are you looking for cheaper and faster web hosting that includes a free domain, SSL, Site transfer, Dedicated IP, Weebly Site Builder and much more?

As a young and hungry hosting company, Hostwinds exudes confidence and friendliness when it comes to providing faster, reliable and affordable hosting services. The company offers above-average uptime and enterprise-grade hardware to power an incredibly vast array of services useful to customers at all stages of their web hosting journey.

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